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Hooray for Saturday! The pool is open, family is together, and we lucked out with great weather. I hope everyone is having an equally good weekend! Creating vignettes is one of my favorite things to do (when I have time to do it). It is like my mommy therapy. I love how finding the right combination of objects to compliment one another in the best way possible is like putting together a puzzle. You have to try a few wrong puzzle pieces to see if they fit together before you find the right piece, but once you do it is incredibly satisfying and you have a real sense of accomplishment. Here are some decorative accents I am loving lately and that are a home run the first time around!

  1. Tassel Throw Pillow // I’m really onboard with the antelope trend and I love the tassels because they can really dress up a bed but also make the pillow elegant enough to hold its own in a living room.
  2. Happiness Pot // I use mine to store and display flatware during parties and when we are not entertaining they hold my sons matchbox cars. It makes the hideousness of the neon plastic a little more tolerable.
  3. Soleil Mirror // If you read my last blog post, you understand by now that I am infatuated with this mirror. I get compliments on it every time someone comes over. And it makes me happy every time I walk by it…
  4. Dainty Studs // I wear this on repeat all week. Two toddlers makes it hard to wear anything except studs and then on the weekends and date nights the fun statement earrings get worn.
  5. Elephant Jar // For starters, anything with two elephants done in an elegant way needs to be in my home. Second of all this jar is actually much bigger then it looks in the picture and is chic  way to store everything from cookies to dog treats.
  6. Monogram Hand Towel // I just ordered this this morning and cannot wait for them to arrive. I got the same french blue color.
  7. Palm Dish // I use this dish as a show piece on top of coffee table books to to hold candies when we entertain. Love love love it. I have the medium and it is the perfect size to hold small items without taking up too much space.
  8. Cheetah Trinket Box // This has by far been my favorite addition to my home lately. It is lighthearted but classic and I still get butterflies every time I walk by it.







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