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Hi all!

The centerpieces I made for my sister’s Stock the Bar shower were such a hit and some of you expressed an interest in how I made them, so I wanted to share a quick tutorial.  I owe all of my floral arrangement and tablescaping knowledge to my mother, so thank you mom! Here is what you will need:

For the centerpieces, I knew I wanted lower, more compact arrangements so people could see each other over the table and still easily interact. I also knew I didn’t want to break the bank on the flowers (which is so easy to do) so I decided to get a few blooms that I knew could be arranged various ways and would allow me to make a handful of different centerpieces that would still be cohesive and follow the same color story. I don’t know about you, but I find that when there is a variety of arrangements at a party it feels like the amount of flowers is multiplied! Here are three additional arrangements I had at the party in addition to the one at the beginning of the post. I used these for smaller pieces on high top tables and at the dessert bar.

I got my flowers from Trader Joes with the exception of the Delphinium (the blue flowers) which I got at another local grocery store. I also recommend hitting up your local farmers markets for loose stems. Trader Joe’s just happened to have everything I needed so I took advantage of the one-stop-shop and called it a day. Even better, maybe I’m the last to get the memo, but did you know that they will give you buckets to put the flowers in and take home with you!? I also asked them to fill the buckets with about two inches of water. Just when I thought TJs couldn’t get any better!


Okay so here is how I made my arrangements:

First, cut your Oasis so it fits snugly in your container. In this case I used round vases and about 3/4 of a block of foam. Once you position Oasis foam in the container, fill it up with water and soak your Oasis until doesn’t float. This typically takes one to two hours. If you don’t have much time to wait, this is where the floral tape we will talk about in a minute comes in really handy. Once the Oasis is finished absorbing water, I pour out the original water and add new water because the old water tends to get a green tint from the dye.

The next step is to make a grid pattern with your floral tape. This is an optional step, but I find it is really helpful in making sure the arrangement stays put.  Don’t forget to keep in mind the number of stems you want to use and the thickness of each stem. You want to allow enough room in each grid square for blooms to rest naturally.

Now the fun begins, time to make your arrangement! I like to start with the largest and lightest colored flowers first. Place the stems through the grid starting from the outside and working my way around the vase. Then continue to fill in the arrangement working down from largest to smallest and lightest to darkest stems. I love adding berries and leaves at the very end.  It adds so much texture and whimsy to any arrangement and is fun trying to find the right placement. For the more delicate stems, attach them to the floral pics, wrapping the wire around them. If you don’t do this the stems will snap when you try to push them into the Oasis.

When you are finished make sure to take a step back and look at the flowers from all angles. It is okay if you have to do a little fluffing and switch up a few buds and voila! Get ready for lots of compliments and people asking where you got your flower arrangements!

***Tip: Things WILL go wrong. Don’t panic. My Delphinium died overnight the night before the party, so I spared the few stems that were still living and used them in my primary centerpieces. I got creative and trusted my gut with the other centerpieces and ended up really happy with the final product. This is also why the Delphinium is not pictured in the final photo. I reused the flowers for this tutorial and the Delphinium only lasted three days and was sold out when I went back to the store yesterday. Sorry! For those of you following this tutorial, I added it in after the peonies and before the berries/leaves.





  1. June 7, 2018 / 2:25 am

    Fabulous! You make it look easy but we know there is an amount of flair that is required, and you have it!

    • June 7, 2018 / 2:38 am

      Thank you Jayne! You are so sweet! But it is true, you do have to follow your decorating gut. I hope you’ll keep following along!

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