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Happy Saturday! I don’t know about you, but this was a weird, sad, long week for me.  Life was hectic across the board and then the loss of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain shook me, like it did so many of us, to my core. Two people so seemingly full of a love and passion for life, felt so alone that they felt ending their lives was the only way to find peace. Their deaths force us all to pause and ask ourselves if we have taken the time lately to make a conscious effort to be as kind to others as possible. When was the last time you stopped and asked a loved one if they are okay, even if they seem fine? Life is tough and can feel isolating and this week has been a reminder that you never know who is suffering. I am devastated by the the deaths of these two amazing people and I wish they could know how much they will be missed and what a huge impact they had on so many of our lives.

Rest In Peace Kate and Anthony. You are and will forever be loved.


On a lighter note, this weekend I am going to wine country in Leesburg, Virginia for my sister’s Bachelorette party. I still can’t believe my little sister is getting married! We are only gone for the weekend but I am ready for a little mommy vacay. The thought of being able to reconnect with friends, finish a meal, and have a glass of white wine without it getting warm sounds heavenly. I know come Sunday though, I will be itching to get back home to my two kiddos. So, in honor of the Bachelorette weekend, I thought I would put together three fun girls’ weekend looks. Some of the items I own and others are things I am lusting over. I would describe my style as tailored and traditional, also a little preppy. I tend to wear neutral or solid colored staple pieces and then make it pop with fun accessories and statement jewelry.


  1. Scalloped Tank// I just got this and I love it. It is perfect for summer or layering. It does feel a little skimpy when you put it on, but covers much more then it feels like it does. Or maybe I’m just getting old…
  2. Jack Rogers// LOVE these and they go with everything and I mean everything. They aren’t discounted anymore but keep your eye on them because Nordstrom price matches a lot and I bet they will do another price match soon.
  3. Turquoise Statement Earrings// I just ordered these tonight creating this post. I kept going back to them and sold myself! (Sorry Jack, the hazards of encouraging me to start blog!)
  4. Cork Clutch// The beaded clutch featured in my instagram picture is unfortunately sold out, but I fund this from the same store and love it! It is super cute, on trend this summer and is much for versatile and about $50 less, so you can’t go wrong. If you really want the beaded on, you can try calling the stores directly.
  5. White Jeans// I live in these Loft jeans and own 3 pairs as a result. I wait until they are 40% off because I know they will eventually be destroyed by the end of the summer or two between fruit punch spills, paw prints, and everyday wear and tear.
  6. Aviators// Aviators have always been to my go to and these are one of my favorite pairs.


  1. Bow Tank// I bought this top during the Memorial Day sale and it didn’t disappoint. The bow is fun and feminine and the cut is flattering. My only thing I would say is that it isn’t a periwinkle; it is more of a chambray blue but super soft. I think my Instagram picture is pretty true to color.
  2. Faux Leather Leggings// I have become a leather legging expert over the past year. I have an addiction  and these are by far the best ones I have found. I have tried the Spanx and they are good but these babies tuck everything in and don’t roll down over your tummy if you are between sizes. Trust me, you will love them.
  3. Leopard Clutch// If you have read my blog before, you know by now that I consider animal print to be a neutral. Like my leopard print Tory Burch sandals, I use this on repeat and it takes a relatively plain outfit up a notch, which is great if you are trying to transition an outfit from day to night.
  4. Gold Wedges// I LOVE Lilly shoes. They are so comfortable and I have literally worn every pair I have until they broke. Their wedges are no exception.
  5. Tassle Earrings// Nothing like a good pair of statement earrings that go with everything and make you feel like a boss. Have them, love them, enough said. You will too!


  1. Tory Burch Flip Flops// I buy a pair of these each year. They are so comfy and the blue this season perfectly matches the blue in the coverup without being to match matchy. I am a little OCD, so in my book, matching=winning!
  2. Pearl Studs// I am always wearing earrings and I mean always. So for the pool I needed something cute but also practical and cheap…because let’s be honest, I am going to lose at least one earring over the summer. I found these on Amazon and love them. I ordered the 10mm and they aren’t a perfect circle but actually flatten out in back, which I prefer with my pearls. I just feel like it makes them a tad more modern. I get tons of compliments on these and people can’t believe it when I tell the I scored them at Amazon.
  3. Scout Tote// One day I will be back to cute small-ish beach totes, but right now I’m all about utility. Thankfully Scout bags allows me to still have a monster sized tote that is durable and looks attractive. They have so many cute patterns!
  4. Bathing Suit// I just bought my first bikini in three years but haven’t gathered up the courage to wear it yet. Instead I keep going back to this bathing suit. I bought it in black last year and bought another one this year. It is super flattering, covers everything and I still feel young, not frumpy wearing it. Thank you Target!
  5. Cover-up/The fit on this is great and it is so much fun to wear. It is brighter then the picture, but you won’t feel like a highlighter when you wear it. I am a big Lilly fan, but prefer the solid pieces to the bright patterns.
  6. Sunglasses// Another day, another pair of aviators, but different color. When I find something I love, I tend to stock up. These are so great because they are only $14 and come in a ton of colors. I can’t take credit for the find though. One of my friends turned me on to them and I’m hooked!

Have a great weekend!




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