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Happy Wednesday everyone! I got a lot of questions about the ottoman and rug that were in the background of my Instagram story yesterday and wanted to share the sources with you. They are two of my favorite pieces in our house and have both proven to be really kid friendly, so I thought I’d piggy back off my last post and share six of my favorite items I could not live without. Some are splurges, some are steals, but they are all items that I currently have in my home and would buy all over again in a heart beat…and in some cases, I have!



1. Faux Zebra Hide Rug // This rug from the Erin Gates by Momeni collection is a game changer. I’m serious- I don’t know why it hasn’t broken the internet. The fabric is insanely soft, super durable, and cleans like a dream. I recently watched my two year old son literally rub a fistful of raspberries into it and it came up right away with minimal effort. The lowest price I could find was at Hayneedle and if you purchase it now and use the code LIVING15, you can get an additional 15% off which brings the cost down to less then $150. If you haven’t been in the faux hide market long, $150 for a faux zebra hide is flat out amazing. One quick note: it is not “faux hide” material, but has more of a chinchilla like feel. I know it sounds weird but I promise it’s not, it is gorgeous! Confession: I have it in both colors. I first bought the gray and loved it so much I bought the black.



2. Trellis Indoor/Outdoor Rug // If it were an option, I could probably sell Ballard Designs indoor/outdoor rugs door to door. I swear by them and the price just can’t be beat. This is the rug I paired with the ottoman in our sunroom (that many of you saw in my Insta Story yesterday) and I am so happy with it. It is a tiny bit brighter then in the photo which is a plus and hides any signs of traffic and wear and tear. I also have this rug in brown from Ballard Designs and I loved it so much, it inspired me to buy the one above.



3. Kid Friendly Counter Stool // Let’s be honest, these are not the counter stools I dreamed of buying prior to having kids. I envisioned bamboo counter stools with a pretty upholstered seat cushion or Serena and Lily’s Riviera stools, but once I had my first child I knew I would be out of my mind to get them. I have several friends who have the Riviera stools and say they are pretty durable but I know my kids would find a way to stain or cut them and for the price tag, I made the “big girl” decision not to invest in them at this time. Instead, after looking at at least 500 different bar stools, I decided on these and I LOVE them. I couldn’t be happier with my decision and they go with any color scheme. Even better, they are currently 30% off!



4. Woven Baskets // Our house is full of baskets. We have baskets tucked under tables and inside closets. We have shoe baskets, ball baskets, stuffed animal baskets, coat baskets, you name it.  They are pretty much my storage solution for everything and a sweet reader gave me a great recommendation of how to use them to store (and hide) legos. I love this set and they are almost 50% off right now. A faux fiddle leaf would look great in the larger one.




5. Upholstered Ottoman // This ottoman is hands down my favorite piece of furniture in our house. It felt like a splurge, but considering I got it on sale and it is a custom piece the price was incredible. I think I got it for around $600 and usually large, non-custom ottomans this size start at around $1000. The fabric I chose is Addison blue and the welting is Linen French Blue. The pattern hides stains and the best part about this piece is that there is a shelf underneath. Hidden storage for the win! This is on sale right now too for 20% off! A lot of the pieces in my home are from Ballard Designs because I’m addicted. I just love their products and have had nothing but a good experience with them.



6. Blue Pillow // If you need durable pillows, outdoor pillows are the way to go. You can find gorgeous ones like these on Etsy and they are both attractive and easy to clean. I seem to be the only one in my family who likes throw pillows because my husband and children always throw them onto the floor as soon as they sit down on our sofa. Needless to say our pillows aren’t treated with kid gloves, in fact they are downright abused and these have held up beautifully.

What are some of your favorite pieces in your own homes? I’d love to hear and always like discovering new finds! Steals or splurges!





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