Blue and White on a Budget: Edition 3

Back by popular demand, here is the latest edition of blue and white on a budget. I am always on the hunt for steals and I think my favorite one this week is the blue pagoda mirror. I have been wanting one for a long time but they were all about $750 and above, when I saw this price I knew I had to share it with you all. I am so glad you are enjoying the regular blue and white on a budget posts and will keep them coming (along with some other color combos)!


1. Coral Candle Holders // 2. Pagoda Mirror // 3. Placemats // 4. Bunny Trinket Box // 5. Horse Head // 6. Dragon Vase // 7. Guardian Lion Bookends // 8. Table Lamp // 9. Double Happiness Box // 10. Horizontal Vase

P.S. I recently ordered the candlestick holders but they are backordered, so I recommend ordering them sooner or later if you like them before the backorder date gets even later.




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