Fashion Friday: French Riviera Edition

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Happy Friday from Monte Carlo! It’s hard to believe that our long awaited “parents vacation” has finally begun! Many of you have asked where we are going so here’s the scoop. We are taking a cruise that starts off along the French Riviera and then are heading to Southern Italy and Spain. I think the spots I am looking forward to the most are St. Tropez, Ibiza, and Florence. We just arrived in Monte Carlo (literally an hour ago- which is why the image above is via Pinterest) and it is truly like being in another world. The city is built into a vast mountainside that meets the beach, Ferraris and Lamborghinis line the streets and super yachts fill the harbor. Our driver from the airport pointed out one super yacht in particular when we were driving into Monte Carlo and said it is famous here and is often referred to as the “The Triple A.” It was recently purchased for a cool 360 million Euro and takes $800,000 a day to operate! Can you even imagine!?! I mean…bananas.


Needless to say the city is incredibly chic and luckily I had an idea of what to expect fashion wise. I  packed some of my basic go-to pieces that I can dress up with accessories and jewelry to get a more luxe look (on a budget) and not look completely like a frumpy American (even if I don’t have a Maserati and a Birkin bag). We have a busy day planned tomorrow and I won’t have time to blog, so I thought I’d do a Fashion Friday post instead of my usual Style Saturday to share my favorite items in my suitcase. Not featured below that I also brought along and am loving already are the cuff and earrings I posted last  Style Saturday and this top. A lot of the items are great transitional pieces that you can use well into the beginning of fall.

Have a great weekend everyone!




1. Layered Gold Necklace // 2. Fringe Cardigan // 3. Tunic // 4. Bathing Suit // 5. Hoop Earrings // 6. Clutch // 7. Statement Necklace // 8. Tank Top // 9. White Jeans


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