A Timeless Birmingham Home by James F. Carter


The personal residence of architect, James F. Carter will forever be one of my favorites. Images of his home are scattered throughout Instagram and Pinterest, but I finally sat down and found a full home tour on his website and it did not disappoint. Several of my favorite rooms that I have saved over the years for my own personal inspiration were actually from this house and I didn’t even know it!  Carter designed the exterior of the home and consulted with friend and designer, Jane Hawkins Hoke on the interior. The abundance of bookshelves, symmetrical sconces, and an exquisite collection of art and antiques are among some of my favorite details of the home.

Wednesdays can be rough, so if you need a moment of pause today, here is your remedy. In all its glory, the Birmingham home of James F. Carter:


As soon as you enter the house, you know you are in for a treat…




I am pretty sure I have pinned this landing 5,814 times. It love everything about it.


Every time I see this living room my heart literally skips a beat. The Octagonal shape of the room is a nod to Thomas Jefferson’s Monitcello home and 19th century Italian panels adorn the walls, lending a warmth to the room.


Of course, there’s a blue butlers pantry. As if this house couldn’t get any better…



The kitchen is slightly more modern but the sneak peek it offers into the living room is stunning


This Living Room! I love it not only because of the mixture of colors and patterns, but how he effortlessly combines numerous styles of furniture from the gilded William Kent console to the Regency arm chair and the Georgian wing back chair. I was an American Studies major (nearly a decade ago) in college with a focus in Decorative Arts, so this room is total eye candy for me.


More views of the living room. I think I am developing an obsession for oak paneled walls…


Carter’s salon style foyers are hands down my favorite foyers. The symmetry makes me so happy, but it is achieved while still looking easy and effortless.


This master bedroom is the perfect example of why James F. Carter is just SO good. He is meticulous with details and the result is that even to the trained eye, this room does not look like a “new build.” The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Cushing Green.




There are so many stunning shades of blue in this house.




If you want to see more of James F. Carter’s work, you can find it here. It is nothing short of exquisite and it is easy to see why he is considered to be amongst the ranks of the most sought after modern day architects.




Design by James F. Carter




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