Minivan 101: Your Questions Answered!


I am still laughing at all of the questions I got about my minivan post on InstaStories. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever be blogging about minivans but I guess there’s a first for everything! I got so many questions, there was no way I could answer them all in stories without being obnoxious.  So, you asked and here are your answers!



What kind of van do you have? If you got TVs, is it worth it?

I have a 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite. Honda vehicles come in different packages so you can’t hand pick and choose options to “build your own” car. We drive to the beach a LOT so TVs were a must for me and there were a few other bells and whistles I fell in love with during the test drive. The CabinWatch feature is a touchscreen and allows me to see the kids in both back rows and my car has a built in vacuum which is a GAME CHANGER. (I also love the “magic seats” in the back row. If you want to know more about this email me and I can elaborate) I also feel the technology on the Odyssey was better then anything else on the market. I did not look at any other van brands but I did look at almost every large SUV out there and nothing could compare. And the storage space OH THE STORAGE SPACE! I think it is honestly more then any other car I test drove because the far back of the trunk goes down almost into a bucket shape.


I am thinking about a minivan but am also looking at larger SUVs. Did you look at any other cars?

Yes, I was in the same exact place. We were actually in negotiations for a Yukon XL and then one of my closest friends got a minivan and convinced me to sit inside it. I fell in love with it immediately, took one for a test drive, and a few days later I had a new pair of wheels! I had an Acura MDX before and I loved that car with my whole heart, but the van has made my life SO much easier. Also knowing that a fully loaded Yukon XL or Suburban still didn’t offer as many bells and whistles and were nearly double the price, it seemed silly not to go with the van.


What is the gas mileage like?

It costs me less then $45 to fill up where as the Yukon XL would have been upwards of $80 and I get about 16/28 mpg vs the 10/12 (I think?) I would have gotten with the Yukon XL.


I am tempted to get a minivan but not sure I can make the leap! I’m awful!

I hear you and no you’re not! And you have to do what is right for you and there are still days I can’t believe I got a minivan. I should also add that have friends who have Sequoias, XLs, or Suburbans and love them. For me, I wasn’t sold on any of the above. I personally wasn’t a fan of how they drove on the truck platform and for younger kids, it was just too hard for me to comfortably get in and out. I did look at another larger luxury SUV (which I LOVED), but then I immediately realized I was a crazy person because a 4 and 2 year old would trash it instantly and if we end up having a third one day, there would be no aspect of “luxury” left intact two years from now.

Ultimately, I decided right now at this stage in my life the minivan was actually what I wanted. The kids can open the doors themselves, I can swipe my foot under the car to open the lid when I’m carrying a million groceries, and can breathe easy if the kids trash it or break the arm rests (which I’m sure they will).  WIN WIN! THAT BEING SAID, when the kids are older I will probably end up getting a less “mom” car, but right now even if you offered me a free large SUV you couldn’t get me to trade! I am obsessed!


Hope this helps!




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