Mirror Round Up


1. Extra Large 3-Piece Mirror // 2. White Bamboo Mirror // 3. Bar Harbor Mirror // 4. Round Rattan Mirror // 5. Octagonal Tortoise Mirror // 6. Gold Accent Mirror // 7. Rattan Mirror // 8. Pagoda Mirror // 9. Gold Beveled Mirror // 10. Green Mirror // 11. Atoll Mirror // 12. Oversizes Champagne Mirror // 13. Dark Blue Mirror // 14. Acrylic and Gold Mirror // 15. Round Gold Mirror // 16. Rectangular Bamboo Mirror


Happy Friday! I know many of you are heading to beaches and various destinations this weekend to enjoy a long weekend, so I thought I’d keep today’s post short. I have a slight addiction with table lamps, mirrors, and rugs.  Since I did my table lamp round up a few weeks ago, I figured now was the perfect time to do a mirror round up since Labor Day Sales are upon us and many of these mirrors are currently between 20% and 30% off. I should also note that this definitely isn’t a decorating on a budget post, but I am a firm believer that mirrors are in the same category as window treatments and lighting and are worth investing in because they instantly elevate a room to give it that designer look.


Have a great long Labor Day weekend and stay safe!



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