Loving Lately: Desk Edition

Full Room Tour Here...its a MUST SEE
Desk perfection by Amy Berry. Full room tour is here and it is a must see!


If you told me four years ago when I left my insanely stressful, high intensity sales job that becoming a stay at home mom would be even more demanding and require a whole other level of organizational and multi-tasking skills, I wouldn’t have believed you. But its true, at least it has been for me especially since I had my second child. After I had my son everything doubled- playdates, school schedules, sports schedules, groceries, doctors trips, you name it.  Throw blogging into the mix (and learning how to blog) and I have suddenly found myself being forced into organizational overdrive. Oh and have I mentioned that I’m slightly type A?

So in the spirit of attempting to master organization, I thought I would follow up on my post from last week when I shared my secretary and highlight  a few things I currently have in it and am loving lately.  They are all items that are not only simple and pretty, but they help keep my life a lot more organized and keep me a little more sane.



1. PLANNER // I absolutely could not live without my Simplified Planner. It comes with a pretty hefty price tag for planner, but once you get it you understand the hype! It helps me organize down to every hour of the day. It helps you plan your meals ahead of time and even has a section that makes you focus on mindfulness.  The 2018-2019 planners just came out so don’t wait, they sell out insanely fast.

2. WASHI TAPE // Let me start my saying washi tape is not for everyone, but I love it. You can block out long periods of time in a snap and is the perfect visual aid for planning on the go. It’s not a necessity but it’s a luxury I indulge in because it makes managing my day just a little bit easier.

3. PAPERCLIPS // Not much to say on this one except they are cute and help me find everything in my binders and planner quickly without having to dog ear pages.

4. MOUSE PAD // What can I say, I have bad wrists and this mouse pad is my new favorite thing. It is suede so feels soft on my skin but also gives my wrist a little extra support. I also found I needed a mouse to help get better results in photoshop, so it was a win all around.

5. TORTOISE FILE FOLDERS // My husband is a numbers guys and keeps track of our bills, but I am in charge of organizing all other paperwork from our home and auto insurance, to medical records, and school documents. These babies help me stay organized and aren’t an eye sore on my secretary.

6. SCISSORS // Let’s face it, I have a design blog so I like pretty things. These just make me happy- plain and simple.

7. GIFT TAGS // If you read my post earlier this summer sharing my latest gift tag purchases, then you know I am hooked. I get so many compliments on them and they make life a heck of a lot easier if you don’t have time to stop and get a card.

8. PERSONALIZED NOTE PAD // I love note pads. I am always writing notes whether its an idea for a blog post, a grocery list, or a note for my husband. This is the newest addition to my stationary collection and am blown away by the quality and price.  I also have this notepad from Dixie Design and the quality is fantastic. Both are almost too pretty to use!

9. BINDERS // I use binders to store at least half of our paperwork. Each of the kids have their own designated with dividers for school, health, etc. One whole drawer of my secretary is full of binders, so having pretty ones that are blue and white make me happy every time I open it. I warned you I was type A…

10. GOLD PENS // Again, they are just so fun and shiny and I store them in a small blue and white porcelain bud vase. My life is filled with washable markers and crayons so having adult pens feels like a luxury.

Don’t be fooled. Even though I have a really organized desk, there are plenty of other parts of my life that are chaotic. For example my morning today consists of dropping my daughter off at school and then taking my son to the pediatrician because he burnt his hand on the stove last night. I will be carrying that guilt around for a while…




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