Fashion Friday: Fall Staple Pieces

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I have a confession: Even though my blog is primarily dedicated to interior design, I look forward to making my Fashion Friday/ Style Saturday posts because it gives me an excuse to shop as “work.” I’m pretty sure my husband feels the exact opposite way about these posts because it inevitably results in some extra purchases. I’ve tried explaining the phrase to him that “nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t buy” but says he’s never felt that way about things he didn’t buy. We have decided to agree to disagree.

I am a firm believer in investing in a few good staple pieces every season and then continuing to build on your wardrobe with more budget friendly pieces. So, although this post focuses more on the staple items, don’t worry- I am working on another Fall Favorites under $100 for next week!  Also, a quick note on the Barbour coats- I am a Barbour addict and may or may not have a few of their coats. I am happy to answer any questions about their products because they are definitely an investment item but they last FOREVER.  They also tend to run pretty small so order one size, sometimes even two sizes, down depending on how fitted you like to wear your coats.

Have great weekend and I am keeping everyone in Flo’s path in my thoughts and prayers.




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