A Beginners Guide To Creating The Perfect Fall Tablescape


My favorite thing about hosting parties is styling the tablescapes and centerpieces.  I think it’s because I find something incredibly satisfying in taking something as simple and utilitarian as a table or bar and transforming it into something beautiful and unexpected.  However, I know for some people this can be the most daunting and intimidating part about entertaining and that is totally understandable.  It can be time consuming and can also get very expensive, very fast if you do not come up with a game plan ahead of time.  So, I thought I would give you a peek of my latest Fall tablescape and share a quick Beginners Guide To Creating The Perfect Tablescape.



Creating a good tablescape is a lot like creating a good wardrobe. You need to invest in a few key foundational pieces like china, flatware, and wine glasses that you can use for place settings year round.  Choose pieces that aren’t too heavily patterned or colorful.  This allows you to use them at any of time of year for any occasion and then bring them to life and give interest with  linens, florals, and decorative accents. I recommend getting classic dinner plates like these and then collecting various sets of salad and dessert plates to serve as the real show stoppers.



Choose a color story and decide what you want to put at the center of the table- A garland? A large centerpiece? Lanterns? Decorative objects? Next, take an inventory of what you already have and don’t forget to think about your garden. Mother Nature is a genius and provides you with everything you need to bring each season to life on your table.  Look around outside, what do you see that is happy and thriving and vibrant with color? Those are the items you want to use!  Maple leaves and laurel berries in the Fall, magnolia leaves and evergreen branches in Winter, and Ivy in the Spring…You get my drift.


Finally, its time to go shopping to fill in the gap for things you might need like napkin rings or chargers!  Don’t forget to go to antique stores, yard sales and flea markets year round to find those one of a kind treasures. Once you have everything you need the fun really begins and you get to decorate. Remember less is more int he beginning and you can always add.  I think this is the secret unspoken trick with all tablescapes…layer, layer, LAYER!



Here are the items I used for the tablescape featured in this post. The 14″ pagoda lantern is from Frontgate but they are sold out of this size and I got the one featured here from one of my favorite vintage stores, The Eclectic Pagoda. I wanted to make a centerpiece that was budget friendly so I used a lot of items that were already at my fingertips. I gathered cuttings from my laurel bushes and ivy from my garden and then went to a farmers market and purchased fresh figs, dates,  blackberries, pomegranates, and varietal pears. I incorporated a brass sugar and creamer set (like this one and I actually like this one better!) and filled them with cinnamon sticks and spiced nuts to give the table some warmth and the fragrance of Fall. Finally, I stuck these feathers into with the greenery to add texture.

What kind of tablescapes do you like for Fall?


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Have a great weekend!



**10 is for similar chargers


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