Design Crush: Mad About Mark D. Sikes

Today I am sharing the work of a designer who needs little to no introduction: Mark D. Sikes. Most of us already know him, love him and follow his work borderline religiously. He is one of the most coveted designers of our time and for good reason. Sike’s rooms are airy, crisp, undeniably chic and always timeless. Much of this is attributed to his tremendous ability to layer richly without making his spaces feel dated or cluttered. Lately, I have been swooning over his collection with One Kings Lane here and in particular this canopy panel and bed valance set and these chairs. Even though this collaboration makes his items more accessible and less expensive verses if you were to go through a designer, you can see how the price tag really adds up.  One fully furnished room by Sikes can easily run upwards of 100K but if this is in your budget, I can argue that it is well worth it. You are not only paying for beautiful style but for top of the line quality- we’re talking pieces you can hand down to your children’s children.

The reality is that as much as we all want a home decorated ceiling to floorboards by Sikes, most of our budgets simply won’t allow it.  When decorating my own home I am always creating mood boards combining bits and pieces of inspiration from my favorite designers. I do want to be clear that when I do Get The Look posts, I am not to trying to replicate their work; this is not only impossible, but in my opinion is highly disrespectful and the thought to trying to create a “cheap knock off” look is downright icky to me. Instead I simply like the challenge of trying to translate some of the spaces I love the most in a way that allows me to stay within my budget and learn in the process.

If you love Sikes’ style as much as I do a great place to start is with his book (and one of my favorite coffee table books) Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style where he provides great tips and insights into his design process. Here is a little inspiration based on some of my favorite rooms of his, to help you get your own own Mark Sikes look:


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If you love the room at the beginning of the post, below is a full tour of the rest of his dreamy Hollywood Hills home. A kind reader explained to me that Sikes’ often updates his residence and if you would like to see more of it, you can click here. When you have a few extra minutes during the week, believe me when I say you need to head over to link and take a peek. You will literally find yourself sighing as you scroll the pictures and I can honestly say I have never seen a Mark D. Sikes room that didn’t make me do a little happy dance, he is just SO good.


As soon as you walk into the home you know you are in for a treat.


Umm can we talk about the matching walls and ceiling upholstered in Carolina Irving Textiles? Dear Santa- I want an upholstered ceiling for Christmas.


Where to start with all the beauty…the chaise, the view, the archway, his garden…


Okay, so maybe this not the most practical (or functional) space especially if you have kids or are clumsy…or both like I am, but he sure can make a pile of books look beautiful


I love all the colors in this kitchen and how it is warm and welcoming, but still insanely elegant. The kitchen is always where everyone gathers and this was clearly kept in mind when decorating this space.


I could get used to having a quiet morning cup of coffee here every day while my imaginary Nanny helps my kids brush their teeth and get their shoes on before school.  Can she take them to school too?


Animal print and chinoiserie…need I say more?


Can you imagine having Gracie wallpaper in your bedroom? I can and it would be heavenly!




I find that red is such a hard color to decorate incorporate without it becoming overpowering, but it is no surprise that Sikes’ knocks it out of the park.



Happy Hump Day!  I hope you enjoyed the photos and design inspiration. What is your favorite thing about Sike’s approach to his interiors?





  1. Carol
    October 3, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    The second house you reference of his, is the same house. Mark updates and changes his house frequently. Same home.

  2. Laura
    October 6, 2018 / 9:43 am

    Beautiful Home! Thank you for sharing.

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