Tackling Tacky Halloween Decorations

I interrupt this Soph-isticated interior design blog to bring you tacky Halloween decor.  I have been getting a lot of questions from readers about how I decorate my house at Halloween and still keep it looking tasteful.  I am flattered by the assumption, but the truth is that I don’t.  When you have two young kids, one of whom likes Halloween even more then Christmas, the reality is that is that I just can’t bring myself to say no to them when they ask to put up Halloween decorations. A LOT of Halloween decorations. Do I cringe and feel tacky every year? Yes. Do I put the decorations away immediately on November 1st? Yes. But, when I hear my daughter’s giggles and squeals of glee helping decorate and saying that we have the spookiest house in the neighborhood, I can’t help but smile. Little does she know that we could go WAY more spooky. Thank goodness she doesn’t know about fog machines, projector lights, and inflatable grim reapers yet. I call it compromise.  So, here are some of my favorite Halloween items we have at our house this year and how I use them.



1. Bats– We have a dogwood tree that has a spotlight on it year round in our front yard, so I hang the bats on the branches and it does actually look pretty spooky at night.

2. Scary Cat– Not going to lie, this was a hard purchase for me, but it is a hit in our house. It’s eyes light up neon green and it makes a screeching meow noise. You can set it to be on a motion sensor or have it set where it only does it if you push a button. I have the button rule because it is very loud and the noises last a while. We bought this last year and it must be popular because Target has it again this year.

3. Halloween Banner– I love this banner. It is more rustic then my typical decorating style, but it hangs on our mantle and is actually really fun to have. I have bought a few other banners from her and they have all held up really well. I have  had this one for three years and it still looks like I bought it yesterday.

4. Push Pin Spiders– We use these on our pumpkins and also put them in the dirt along our walkway.

5. Skull Glasses– This was my latest adult Halloween purchase. They are a great quality, my husband is a bourbon drinker and he likes the weight. Needless to say I have acrued quite the collection of double old fashioned glasses…too many in my opinion.

6. Wine Glasses– How cute are these!? I just ordered the “Don’t Drink And Fly” but I want all of them!

7. Cauldron– Target markets this as a punch bowl, but I bought it for handing out candy. My daughter likes opening the door for the younger kids who trick or treat earlier then her so anything with a handle makes my life easier. AKA- prevents spilling bowl of candy all over the floor.

8. Skeleton– He hangs on the inside door going down to our basement. That way the kids are always seeing him but its not front and center. We bought him last year and I have secretly grown to love him. His name is Bob.

P.S. A note on the outdoor spider webs. I have found over the years that if they get wet they are a nightmare to get off. So, I have create a fun Halloween Even tradition where we wait until the night before. It’s kind of like hanging the stocking over the fire place- It helps the kids feel like Halloween Day lasts longer and we always have cider and cookies afterwards. I also like to think if they have kids one day they will carry down the tradition.


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