Fluff Your Home For The Holidays: Pillow Round Up

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You’ve probably noticed that holiday gift guides and decorating ideas are starting to pop-up on your internet and Instagram feeds a little more each day.  To many it may seem too soon, but in the interior design world it is already crunch time.  Believe it or not, this is the time of year that interior decorators and designers are the busiest. Clients want their homes to be finished in time for the holidays and the next four to six weeks are when installations are completed and all the details are brought together. Even if you aren’t working with a designer, most people like to “fluff” and refresh their homes for the holiday season and the reality is that the same timeline applies. Keeping this in mind, I thought it would be fun to share easy but effective fluffing tips and tricks leading up to the holiday and wanted to kick it off today.

One of the easiest and sure fire ways to fluff? New pillows! I warn you though that it can get addictive. Have you ever heard the saying “throw pillows are the stuffed animals of grown women?” I don’t know about you but this totally applies to me. If you plan on ordering any of the pillows here from Etsy, be sure to check their current turnaround times because this is crunch time for the Etsy shops too! Chances are that unless they are “ready to ship,” this week is the last week to order pillows and get them in time for Thanksgiving- in some cases even Christmas! If you need help or want inspiration for pillow arrangement’s, this blog post by Erin Gates is a great guide.




P.S. If you find you need new pillow inserts, I love these! And of course after compiling all the pillows above, I found three more from Target that I wanted to share. These and these are outdoor pillows but would look great indoors (especially with kids and pets) and I love the embroidered look of these pillows!

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