Nordstrom Favorites Under $100

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It’s finally Friday and time for another Fashion Friday post!  If you saw my Instagram stories last night, you probably guessed that today’s post was going to have something to do with Nordstrom. If you didn’t see the story, I shared this marketing campaign (see below) from Nordstrom’s home page. I have so many questions- what is going on here? Who is the target audience? Does this many anyone want to shop the collection? I know I am not a fashion blogger, but this seems really out there to me. I know it’s Gucci and maybe I’m really out of touch, but is the this look the average Nordstrom shopper is going for?

Despite the aforementioned ad, I have ben finding a lot of affordable, fun pieces at Nordstrom lately and here are few a of my favorites. Be warned though, they do not involve wet jackets, oversized horse sweaters, serial killer glasses, or a riding crop.  Have a great weekend friends!



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