Gift Guides: For Kids Ages 2-5

Ready or not, the holidays are officially here and that means it’s gift guide season!  I wanted to start with a Kids Gift Guide because let’s face it, there is nothing more fun then shopping for kids. I tend to do 99.9% of my shopping for my children on Amazon for two reasons. You can’t beat their prices, even on Black Friday and if you have Amazon Prime you get free shipping and your items in arrive in two days MAX! Did I also mention free returns? If you haven’t signed up for a Prime account yet and are an online shopper like me, now is the time to do it and save all of those insane shipping fees. If you’re unsure if Prime is for you, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial here and try it out!

This was a fun guide for me to put together because all of the toys featured here are toys that we either have or that I have seen first hand at friends’ houses and my children loved. So in short, all of these are tried and true! I included a few highlights below and for the full list of toys featured above (and more) you can find them under the Kids Gift Guide Section in my Amazon Shop.  I will be posting other guides over the next week or so but won’t necessarily be promoting them on my Instagram since they aren’t interior design based, so be sure to check back in on the blog if you want to see more gift guides.


These SmartMax magnetic toys are so much fun and are great for all ages. My two year old and four year old will both play with these for hours and they help teach various magnetic principals through color cording and shapes. They come in all different sets for different age groups but the pieces are all interchangeable so you can add to your collection as the kids grow.


I bought this camera for my daughter last year and am buying one for my son this year. It works like a real camera and allows kids to take pictures of things that they love and make them feel grown up. The images quality isn’t great but you can upload them onto your computer and print out.


We also have these LightStax and *spoiler alert* I am gifting them to just about everyone I know with kids because they are just that great. The rechargeable bases light up the blocks as you build and are so much fun to play with in the dark. They also come in various sets with extra pieces that allow kids to make cool things like robots.


As much as I’d like to say I only by education, STEM based toys, it simply isn’t true. We bought this Ride on Thomas Train three years ago and I have no words to express what it a hit it was and still is. It is hands down the most popular toy in our house year round not only with our kids but with friends and playdate buddies. The price cannot be beat and trust me, if you have it already set up and ready to go Christmas morning you will never forget your kids’ reaction.


Okay, so babies, especially boy babies throw things. I had seen these foam blocks online and been hesitant because I just thought how sturdy could these be? Well I was wrong. My friend got these for her kids and they are the best. I immediately ran home that day and ordered some for us and am so glad. My son’s favorite activity is building them as high as he can, looking at me with a raised eyebrow and saying “Crash” before he kids them all down and I don’t have to worry about injuries from flying blocks.


Another non STEM toy, but still a home run. This ice cream cart is too cute and is the perfect size to tuck away when playtime is over. We also have this toy and the coolest part is the ice cream scoop has a magnet/latch button that helps develop fine motor skills, while giving kids the experience of pretending to “scoop ice cream.”


Ok, time to talk tablets. There is no way I was shelling out for an iPad and after hearing countless moms rave about the Fire Tablet, I broke down and got one and never looked back. I know this is a controversial gift among parents and don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate of keeping screen time to a minimum. However, I am blown away by all the learning games and cute activities and I am would much rather her be interacting and learning while she plays then staring at a TV screen or watching toy videos on YouTube.


P.S. Not featured in the my list above but a gift idea I love and am getting my daughter is joining the STEM toy subscription on Amazon. She is four now but ever since she was a baby she was fascinated with how things work.  For example, if there was a bubble machine around she wasn’t playing with the bubbles, she was the one looking at how the back of the bubble machine to see how it worked. To learn more, you can visit here.

Happy Black Friday!




***This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission from it at no cost to you. I understand that anything I recommend is a direct reflection of myself and my blog, so I only refer things that I have hand selected and love enough to share with you.


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