Gift Guide: My Holiday Wish List

Today I am sharing my own dream Christmas wish list. Let me stress the wish part. What can I say, I tend to have expensive taste.  I didn’t create this list (purely) as a hint to my husband, but I have found that the most well received gifts I have ever given are the ones I liked so much that they were hard not to keep for myself! Also, how is Christmas only 12 days away!? Eek! Please send wrapping elves (and wine)!

P.S. I have added a few other favorites in the scroll menu below!


1. I love everything this company makes and I have been dying for one of these blankets to curl up in with a glass of wine after the kids go to bed. It’s the little things these days!

2. I have a smoothie everyday for breakfast and I everyday I haul out the heavy duty blender we got as a wedding present (which is great to use but certainly isn’t the easiest) and then the cleanup just adds extra work. My friends swear by this blender set and I have been wanting one for a while!

3. This vest is probably the single item of clothing I have been obsessing over this season.

4. Everything Dry Bar makes is fantastic and my straightener and curling wand are older then I care to admit so this gift set checks all the boxes!

5. I own this sweater in the Stone color and let me tell you it was worth every cent. I have been wearing it into the ground ever since and am dying for another one in either black or charcoal. I’ve blogged about this sweater before and I don’t know what Barefoot Dreams uses in their fabric but their fabric  literally feels like cashmere butter. Is that a weird description? Maybe, but it’s true.

6. I have always wanted a pair of classic, black Louboutins. *Le sigh*

7. I have been wanting this bag for ages. Now that I am finally past the diaper bag stage I think it is safe to start investing in some nicer bags again. This is amazing for travel, can fold into a suitcase, and is like a Mary Poppins bag…you can fit one hundred and one things in it!

8. What is not to love about this scarf? I love the neutral color, classic pattern, and that it can go with anything.

9. I am apparently on a one woman mission to own the largest collection of Tory Burch Miller sandals of all time. They are SO comfortable, always stylish and take any outfit up a notch. This is one of their latest colors and I adore everything tortoise so these were a no brainer to add to the list.

10. The What’s Gaby Cooking website has been my go to recipe source for years and I can’t believe I don’t have her cookbook yet!  All of her recipes are delicious and are easy to make for cooks of all experience levels.

11. One of my top three all jewelry fantasy gifts. Van Cleef & Arpels studs are timeless and I even though I will probably never own a pair, they are still fun to think about.

Happy Wednesday!





***This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission from it at no cost to you. I understand that anything I recommend is a direct reflection of myself and my blog, so I only refer things that I have hand selected and love enough to share with you.


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