Valentine’s Day Traditions and Tablescape Ideas

In last week’s Fashion Friday post, I mentioned that even though my husband and I prefer a low key Valentines Day, we tend to go all out for the kids on Valentine’s Day morning. Today I thought I’d share more about our family’s traditions along with the items I already own and a few others that I’ve recently purchased for this year’s table. I know it may seem a little early for Valentine’s Day posts but the good items sell out fast (before February fast) and a lot of the best sales are ending today!

When I was a child, my mother would hang red hearts from our ceiling the night before Valentine’s Day when we were asleep, and I still remember how special it was waking up in the morning to a ceiling of hanging hearts. She used white sewing thread so it was nearly invisible and made the hearts look like they were floating! I have continued the tradition for my own children and it is so fun hearing them wake up in the morning and remembering how magical it really did feel waking up and seeing them. I cut my own hearts out of construction paper but if that seems too tedious, I completely understand (zero judgement) and you can use precut ones like these.

When the kids wake up there is a candy trail that leads down into the kitchen (another tradition passed on from my mother) where a Valentine’s Day breakfast awaits. It’s slightly cliche, complete with heart pancakes and strawberry milk, but it’s really fun to put it together and of course, I love styling it all. The image at the top of the post is from the fabulous Pizzazzerie and when I saw the tablescape, I was inspired to create a similar look with the heart dishes below.

// 1. Heart Plate // 2. Gold Heart Straws // 3.Ceiling Banner // 4. Wine Glass // 5. Pink Appetizer Plate // 6. Gold Flatware // 7. Cake Pops // 8. Confetti // 9. Dishtowel // 10. Placemat // 11. Heart Doilies // 12. Heart Cookie Cutters //

I put Valentines by each child’s place setting and they each get a small gift basket of goodies. We don’t give gifts per say, it’s more little trinkets like bubbles and arts and crafts. Here are a few items I have in my cart for this year’s baskets.

// 1. Plush Puppy // 2. Vehicle Stamps // 3. Jewelry Box Kit // 4. Book // 5. Plush Unicorn // 6. Bubbles // 7. Heart Marshmallow // 8. Hair Tie // 9. Bath Bombs

I always do a trial run of the tabletop each year (because I am OCD), so I will be sure to post a picture of the tabletop to give you all a visual guideline of how I end up putting it all together! I have included a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day decorating inspiration images below and will continue to add leading up to the holiday. Have a great week!

The House of Hood

Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

Image via Better Homes and Gardens

Image via The House of Hood

A Burst of Beautiful



P.S. The items from Pottery Barn are 25% off + FREE shipping but it ends tonight so now is the time to snag them if you want to use them for your own tabletop.

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