Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but my my head is spinning over that fact that June is already here and Father’s Day is only two weeks away. I recruited the help of my husband, Mr. Soph-isticated Style, for this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide. Almost all of the items were hand picked by him and if they weren’t, they got his stamp of approval before getting added to the list. My husband never buys anything for himself so I try to use Father’s Day as an excuse to spoil him a little bit but also add some sentimental surprises along the way.

P.S. Around Christmas many of your expressed an interest in a Bourbon Gift Guide and since my husband is a bit of a bourbon aficionado, he is working on a guide for you all and I will have it up by next week at the latest!

  1. I got this oven mitt for my husband’s birthday this year as a gag gift, but he surprisingly loved it and uses it all the time. It always makes me smile everything I see him using it.
  2. A masculine travel bag that can be monogrammed and is large enough to hold full sized toiletries.
  3. These whiskey cubes come in a set of six and will keep drinks cold for up to an hour without diluting the taste.
  4. These new Apple earbuds are supposed to be phenomenal and I keep hearing such good reviews from friends that I want a set for myself!
  5. I’ve shared these before but these collar stays are still one of my husband’s favorite things that he uses all the time. He also got these magnets to keep them together when he’s not wearing them so he doesn’t loose any pieces.
  6. What guy doesn’t like a new pair of sunglasses?
  7. A stylish hat is a great affordable gift that is always a home-run and is sure to get lots of wear.
  8. Another pick from my husband. He swears by this set of drills and I swear he finds extra projects just as an excuse to use them.
  9. Monogrammed socks make a great gift and are something I have found almost every guy enjoys having.
  10. I’m not exaggerating when I say my husband wears these shoes to work everyday and then on weekends too if he has to be a little dressier. They are supposedly incredibly comfortable.
  11. Chances are by now the men in your lives have raved at one point or another about YETI Coolers. I have to say, they are pretty awesome but the only downfall is that they are insanely heavy. Mr. Soph-isticated Style already has this one but when I mentioned I needed Father’s Day Gift Guide suggestions, I barely finished my sentence before he excitedly told me they just came out with this new YETI that has wheels. I’m pretty sure it was a hint…
  12. In my opinion sentimental gifts are always the best and I love this idea to have art work from the kids letter-pressed, printed and framed.
  13. A classic duffle bag that is perfect for day tripping and weekend getaways.
  14. If you follow a lot of blogs you have probably heard about these shorts by now, but they really are the best (according to Mr. Soph-isticated Style). They are quick dry and have no lining. Men seem to always be hot for some reason, so I am convinced this is part of the reason why they are a fan favorite. **If the guy in your life is a golfer, my husband swears by these shorts too.
  15. I love everything about this bar set, especially the decanter!



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