The Watch List: Jane Allen Designs

The Watch List: Jane Allen Designs

If you’ve been following along for a while, you might remember that this Summer I began a new segment called The Watch List, featuring up and coming interior designers. I’m delighted to announce that (thanks to you) The Watch List has been so successful that we’re expanding it to highlight other rising stars to watch from brands and small business to photographers and architects. This week I am bursting at the seams to formally introduce one of my personal favorite jewelry brands, Jane Allen Design!

Jane Allen, Founder wearing the Rachel earring that launches TODAY!

I first met Janie, the founder of Jane Allen Designs, on Instagram nearly a year ago. It was wonderful connecting with another woman with young children who was also in the process of starting new a businesses and she quickly became both a sounding board and instagram friend. Friendship aside, I am a jewelry addict and after I got to know Janie I was dying to own her jewelry. I ordered a pair of her Christina hoops and they are just as fabulous as I had hoped! I’ve shared them a few times over the past months in my Instagram stories and it has been so much fun hearing from readers who have also become customers of hers.

Jane Allen Designs is the answer to “bridging the gap between costume and heirloom jewelry.” Personally, I’m at at a point in my life where I want to start investing in jewelry that is timeless and beautiful but is also still affordable. In response to past blog posts, many of you have shared that you are looking for a source for classic every day jewelry that can be dressed up or down, styled multiple ways and look effortlessly chic. This description is the embodiment of Jane Allen Designs so I’m delighted to officially be sharing this hidden gem of a jewelry brand with you today!

These are one of my favorite pair of hoops, the Christina hoops. The jewelry dish is another favorite from Courtland & Company

Today I am thrilled to welcome Jane Allen to Soph-isticated Style for a Q&A about her business. Stay tuned at the end of the post to learn how to meet Jane, shop her jewelry in person and how to enter to win a piece of her jewelry!

Q: What gave you the inspiration to start Jane Allen and what was the spark that drove you to make it a reality?

A: I am stylist by trade and up until Jane Allen came to be, every time I would go into a client’s closet, we kept running into the same problem that I couldn’t solve. People wanted (really more needed) accessories that could pull their outfits together without too much effort, cost or fuss. My clients wanted jewelry that was nice, versatile and well priced that they could either buy for themselves or receive as a gift, travel with and wear without reserve. The need to make my clients happier and satisfied was my catalyst but the understanding that there was a void in the market was my spark.

Q: Could you share more about where and how your jewelry is made?

A: Oh, man it is such a process! Fun!… but a process and I am learning every single day. I start with an idea or again go back to what I think my clients need or could use, make an extremely rough sketch then start playing from there with mm scale etc. Then after a ton of finessing, we take my design to CAD and go to our phenomenal family owned 100+ year old manufacture in Thailand for production.

The Emily bangle- another new release launching soon!

Q: What do you think sets Jane Allen apart as a fine jewelry brand?

A: We are stylist based. I really try to design and create pieces that are not just pretty to look at, well made and well priced but versatile and useful; that work with your outfits and you can wear over and over again. You’ll see in my collections that I try immensely to appease to a large and diverse group without loosing sight of my brand. My husband tells me I am “real simple in the most complicated of ways” and that’s how our jewelry is—clean, simple but polished and extremely intentional. For example, I look at necklaces and how a particular chain length will either lengthen a torso or not (come on, we ALL want lengthening!) We work to scale the pendant sizes so they hold up against patterned shirts and don’t get lost but also don’t overbear against a solid. Details, thoughts, intention…all that only comes with someone who knows what people have in their closets.

The Emily bangle, Sydney bangle, Amanda bangle. Ring stack is the Louise band, the Frances band, and the Holton band

Q: What is your personal favorite piece that you sell and why?

A: That’s like asking if you have a favorite child! I love them all for different reasons! Hmm to give an answer though… I think everyone needs some form of a Katherine/Diane earring—whichever they like best and works best with their face shape. It is just such a versatile earring and literally goes with everything while also adding a little more interest to the eye than a pearl or a diamond stud. I also love that it is scaled it to be big enough that you could wear it with or without a necklace.

Q: What is your vision for Jane Allen Designs?

A: I am really big on staying organic and authentic. Of course, I want us to grow and keep climbing but to do so without losing the foundation of why we started in the first place—to make someone’s daily routine easier by creating a product that helps them feel put together and confident in what they are wearing. 2020 has some really neat opportunities in store for us and we are so excited and thankful.

Now for the exciting news! For local readers, Jane Allen Designs has been invited to host a Trunk Show at the Tuckernuck flagship store in Georgetown from October 17th-October 20th! To stop by and meet Jane and see her collection in person, the store is located at 1053 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20007. The hours are: Tuesday-Saturday 10 AM TO 7 PM and Sunday 11 AM TO 5 PM.

Jane and I have also partnered together to giveaway a pair of Katherine studs to one of our Instagram followers- a $215 value! Be sure to visit today’s Instagram post to learn how to enter. The contest runs today through Sunday, October 20th at 7pm. Good luck and thank you so much to Jane Allen Designs! We know you are going to fall in love with her jewelry as much as we have!




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