Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

Gift Guides are always fun to brainstorm and shop for, but if I’m being perfectly honest they are also equally tedious and incredibly time consuming to put together. Each guide probably takes 2-3 hours if not more, so I can honestly say I’m excited that this is my last 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! I find that stocking stuffers for kids are usually easy to find but I struggle to find good stocking stuffers for my husband and mother. I try to mix high/low items and like to try to find things that I think they might see in a store and want but wouldn’t necessarily treat themselves too.

P.S. A hint to all men: Every women loves to find a little box with jewelry inside in their stocking. Nicola Bathie has the most exquisite collection of jewelry and her holiday earring collection is beautiful, each pair is like a work of art. I have the earrings below and you can find the rest of the collection here.

I wanted to quickly explain these two gifts below from the guide because I think they’re both items that aren’t necessarily self explanatory. I know this could cause them to be glossed over, so I feel like I need to plead their case because they make great gifts.

Keebos are a crossbody phone case with a card pocket and are one of those items that you might think you don’t need…until you have one. I wear mine all the time to places where large bags aren’t allowed like football games and concerts and I bring it when I go somewhere outside with the kids or walking the dog when I want to have my phone and id/cards but don’t want to be carrying a bag. I just love them and don’t know how I didn’t discover them sooner. They are also offering my readers and exclusive discount code. Just use code Sophie15 at checkout and get 15% off your purchase and free shipping!

Packbands are another one of those gifts that might not look like much at first glance but have a cult following for a reason. I first discovered them when my kids were little because I used them to attach bags to strollers and toys to carseats. When I went to order more on their website I realized how much more they could be used for and now I use them from everything to strapping around my yoga mat (because I leave it in my car) to holding cords in place. I reached out to them and they are also offering my readers an exclusive discount code- Get 15% off your purchase with code Style15.



***This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission from it at no cost to you. I understand that anything I recommend is a direct reflection of myself and my blog, so I only refer things that I have hand selected and love enough to share with you.


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