The Friday Five

Today’s Friday Five is all about my favorite things that have gotten me and family through past these two weeks of uncertainty and quarantine. My husband works in an “essential business” so he’s not only still at work, but working longer hours than normal. My three and five year old are home around the clock and are eager learners suddenly being the role of teacher is daunting! So for today’s post I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds that have helped keep some normalcy in our lives.

P.S. I’ll be sharing a few Fashion Friday picks today on my Instagram stories for those requesting more fashion finds.

Cover image by Riley Sheehey via Dixie Designs


Not interiors or home related at all, but this tinted moisturizer has been my daily foundation for years. However, it has truly morphed into my unsung hero, especially this past week. Makeup wise, all I’ve really been wearing these days is tinted moisturizer, my mascara and of course this. It’s one of the few things that has stopped me from officially crossing from looking like a mom who might have snuck in an at home workout to looking like a mom who has been home alone with two young children for fourteen days.


All I can say is thank goodness for Amazon. These are the items that have been ultimate lifesavers and that the kid’s keep asking to play with! ** I should note that some these were Christmas presents. Our kids always get so much since both sets of grandparents live less than 10 minutes away, so I always sneak a few of the gifts up to our guest room to store them away for rainy days. Little did I know there would be a pandemic.


I recently updated my Small Business blog post but will be updating it again tomorrow for Small Business Saturday. It’s been so much fun seeing the surprises you’ve sent loved ones using the hashtag #shopsmallwithsophie and I hope you’ll keep tagging me and sharing them! You can find the current list of lots of my favorite small businesses here. There are still many more to add but like so many of us, time is limited for me these days to say the least!


It would be a lie if I didn’t admit I’ve been living in a combination of workout clothes and pajamas and drinking an extra glass of wine each night these past few weeks. My favorite blanket has seen me through it all and the pattern I’ve been wanting was just restocked yesterday so I obviously scooped it up. I’m often asked about the price and I personally feel it’s well worth it- just toss it in the washing machine and it’s just as soft (if not softer) than when I got it. Worried about red wine stains? No one is judging, just add a little bit of this. If you want a professional opinion…


Despite the economic strain, so many small businesses have been giving back to their communities during this uncertain time and I’m so grateful for all of the thoughtful (and beautiful) free kids activities Dixie Designs has release over the past week. From these Seek and Finds, matching games and coloring sheets to scavenger hunts, word search, Go Fish!, if you’re at home with little ones whose schools are closed, these have been pure gold for my family.


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