Family First

I sat down yesterday to write a blog post for today and realized my heart just wasn’t in it. Since schools closed, I’ve been feeling stretched entirely too thin and spent all day Saturday trying to catchup just from last week. So, when Sunday rolled around and I began my Monday blog post knowing it was our last day to be together as a family until next weekend, I made the decision to close my laptop and be with them instead. We made made lemonade, legos and slime and then let our oldest stay up late for a “mommy and daddy movie night.” It turned out to be the most wonderful day and I realized that it needs to be my new normal for a while.

Although many don’t realize it, the blog is my own little “small business” and although I fully intend to keep blogging, right now while my kids are home from school, wondering why their world has been turned upside down, they need my full attention. Lately, I’ve seen so many bloggers with children creating countless tablescape roundups and shopping guides, some more than ever. It was making me feel like I was falling behind, but honestly last week I felt far too torn between my children and my phone. So, although I’ll still here, I might be quieter than usual and I hope you can understand. As frightening and unsettling as this time might feel for me, I can’t imagine what it feels like for them and right now my main job needs to be “mommy.” In the meantime I’ll still be sharing favorites and finds in stories and on LikeToKnowIt because it takes literally a fraction of the time of a blog post. If you want to follow me on LikeToKnowIt, you can download the app and in the influencer search section just search “sophisticated style.” My account should pop right up!

Cheers to the gift of another day and I’m wishing everyone a healthy and happy week! Let’s not forget to find the silver lining and beauty in these moments at home.


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