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I would be a millionnaire if I had a quarter for every email, comment and direct message I get on Instagram from readers asking how they can get access to trade fabrics and textiles without hiring an interior designer or decorator. The reality is there are some textile lines you simply cannot access without working with a designer or someone “in the trade.” However, there are ways for consumers to find quite a few of the most popular brands used amongst designers and one of those sources is Decorators Best. If you’re not familiar with Decorators Best, they source thousands of textiles and decorative objects that are traditionally “trade only” items and make them available to homeowners.

**Our built-ins were crafted by the original owner and literally every line and angle is uneven. So in the places where the hanging might look crooked, it was simply the nature of the beast and was a tough reality I had to accept when I decided to wallpaper them. You can find sources for items in this corner here (except for the painting) and these rattan winged back chairs (that I will share more of later) are my latest furniture purchase. I’m in LOVE with them!

We recently wallpapered the back of our built-ins using a grasscloth wallpaper from Kravet. When I shared the project in stories many readers were dismayed to find they couldn’t access it, but as I was sourcing the wallpaper for a reader turned client this weekend, I found the wallpaper we used is actually available right now during the Decorators Best sale.

If you’re like me and being at home has you mentally redesigning your house endlessly over the past few weeks, then this sale couldn’t come at a better time. I shared in my Instagram stories that I bought this bench on sale this weekend and I ordered this fabric to go with it. After a little digging it turns out that not only is the fabric I ordered for the bench included in the sale, but the tape on our window treatments in our living room is available in the sale too!

A glimpse at the trim in our living room that’s included in the sale

Even though it’s last minute, there are so many amazing fabrics and wallpapers that are rarely accessible to consumers at all, much less at designer pricing that I thought I’d share a few of my favorites below! Be warned: Most of my picks are either blue, green or involve floral or chinoiserie patterns, but if you’ve been following along for a while, that can’t really surprise you by now…

P.S. I don’t frequently discuss it on the blog but a big chunk of my time affiliated with e-decorating projects assisting readers turned clients with selecting and ordering wallpaper and fabrics. I then either have the materials sent directly to them or have pillows and window treatments made through my amazing workroom and then shipped. However, right now thats the only e-Design I’m doing for the time being. I simply don’t have enough time to take on full “e-design projects”, but if you are interested in finding the design services above just email me here!





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