The Liza Pruitt Mother’s Day Collection Launches Today!

The Liza Pruitt Mother’s Day Collection Launches Today!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I think it’s safe to say that this year Mother’s Day carries extra importance to us all. Social distancing has made us more aware than ever of the importance of being present and cherishing the people we love. I’ve found myself overanalyzing what to get my own mother and will have a Mother’s Day Gift Guide up on the blog this Friday, but one of my favorite gifts to give anyone is always art.

It’s no secret that I love the Liza Pruitt Art Collective and today she is launching the most beautiful Mother’s Day Collection. The collection was specially curated with mothers in mind and includes 185 pieces of art from 18 different artists! In honor of Mother’s Day and because we want to send a little love your way, Liza and I have teamed up to giveaway a $300 dollar credit to purchase a piece of your choice from the Mother’s Day Collection! Visit my Instagram HERE for information to enter but hurry because it the giveaway tomorrow at midnight, so that the winner can start shopping Friday morning! I’ve also included a few of my favorite pieces that will be available in the collection (but have so many more!), along with artists names so you can easily (and quickly) snag the pieces you have your eye on as soon as the collection goes live at 9AM today. Happy shopping any may the fastest buyer win!

A Few of My Favorites from the Mother’s Day Collection

You can find these paintings and more available work from the artists below in the Mother’s Day Collection HERE.

1. Jana Young Siegel // 2. Anna Vaughn // 3. Elizabeth McLaurin // 4. Jackie Koenig // 5. Beth Robison // 6. Lauren Bruce // 7. Jennifer Pino // 8. Erin Fuge // 9. Anna Vaughn // 10. Emily Farrell // 11. Kellie Lawler // 12. Erin Tice // 13. Carson Overstreet // 14. Katie Ré Scheidt // 15. Beth Robison // 16. Katie Ré Scheidt // 17. Carson Overstreet // 18. Erin Fuge // 19. Lauren Bruce // 20. Carson Overstreet //

**I also love the work of Emma Mortemousque so be sure to look her up in the collection as well!


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