10 Things I’ve Been Using Nonstop Lately

I was thinking about what some of my favorite blog posts are to read, and realized my favorites are when people share things they love that either make life easier or that they use all the time. So, although this isn’t an interiors post, each and everyone of these items have become “safer at home” essentials for me that I use everyday and swear by.


This coffee cup is a game changer. If you are like me and reheat your coffee a minimum of three times a day, I am so glad I tried this cup that was recommended by Vana Chupp, the founder of Le Papier Studio.


I wear these studs everyday and I can’t believe how well and long they wear. I’m always asked all the time if they are real.


A sponge may seem very random, but my aunt gave me several of these sponges for Christmas. She swore they were the best sponges she ever used and she wasn’t kidding! I’m addicted and can’t imagine using any other sponges every again. They might seem pricey but they last forever and I think they’re worth the price.


Self care is more important than ever and since my highlights are in desperate need of some TLC but I can’t get my hair done, these Olaplex treatments have been as close to spa therapy as it can get. You’ve probably heard of Olaplex by now and let me tell you, they are every bit worth the hype.


Since we are on the topic of beauty products, for some reason my lips have been incredibly dry. I don’t know if it’s the increased time indoors, stress or even in some weird way related to increased hand washing, but literally nothing worked until I discovered this lip balm. Another small essential that on the pricey side, but I’ve become a true believer and have already reordered a second tube for when my first one runs out.

P.S. When I was linking it for this post, I realized the description says it’s vanilla scented, but I’ve honestly never noticed.. if that’s helpful for anyone.


I’ve had two or three readers email me asking do I really love ChappyWrap blankets as much as I say or do I just make a lot of commission off them and/or get free blankets. The answer is, yes a really do love them that much. I’ve bought all my own blankets (except for one, which was my first one ever) and until very recently, bloggers actually couldn’t get commission on ChappyWraps. I start my day with my ChappyWrap drinking my early morning, pre-work out cup of coffee and end my day snuggled up with one on the sofa. This one (see above) is my favorite print but I also can’t wait for the new Summer release so I can add this one to my collection. They are also currently offering 20% off all kids blankets with code.


Would this post be real if i didn’t mention wine? These wine glasses are all I use and are 20% off! You’ve also seen this stem version make the rounds before, but mine inevitably get knocked down, so I usually save those for “special events.”


I have found that the one thing I cannot wear all day are pajamas. I get in a funk and am just overall unproductive. However, I will shamelessly wear workout clothes all day everyday. Although I am a pretty firm Align crop fan for warmer weather and low impact activities, I recently discovered these leggings and am hooked. They fit perfectly and hold you in at all the right places. The only downside is the light colors show sweat, so if you opt for the light green or purple keep that in mind and avoid an embarrassing situation like I had.


If you follow my Instagram stories then you know that I made a batch of this cookie dough every week. What can I say it just gets me through. That being said, I am used to eating relatively clean so if you are not, this might taste a little “off” to you but after one batch you’re hooked.

*Tip: I swap out one tablespoon of Maple Syrup for this date syrup and for the maple syrup I use this special bourbon maple syrup (that I reserve strictly for this recipe).


My friend recommended this vacuum after I told her I was going to by a Dyson and she said that I had to get this one instead and I’m so glad I did! I literally vacuum every day and it’s breeze taking it up and downstairs.

***This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission from it at no cost to you. I understand that anything I recommend is a direct reflection of myself and my blog, so I only refer things that I have hand selected and love enough to share with you.


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