Round Up: Blue and White Favorites

I recently found an affordable Blue Canton plate here that looks similar to these antique ones that have been handed down to me over the years

It’s official, we have finally started to feel settled in after our move and it feels so good to be back on the blog! We are still busy unpacking boxes, weeding and scheduling seemingly endless service appointments like tv mounting, electrical repairs and the latest- currently trying to fix a surprise leak in our basement- the inevitable joys of buying an old house!

For those asking, I honestly have no plans to make any major decorating or design changes for at least a year. This is our third (and final) house and I’ve learned on my design journey that every time I decorate before we’ve been in a home for a full year, I always regret any premature or impulsive design choices I made in that first year. This will be our forever home so I want to make sure that I do every single project the right way. I recently had a reader reach out to me and they described this sentiment in the perfect words- it takes time to get to know the house and learn what it wants. I couldn’t agree more and promise to share a tour in stories soon!

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite blue and white decorative pieces I’ve come across lately including quite a few I have my eye on for our own home.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and well.

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