Designer to Watch: Kristen Nix

Kristen Nix Interiors and Michael Hunter Photography

There are interiors that inspire and then there are interiors that cause your heart to literally skip a beat and make you want to walk right through the pictures and live in them. This is exactly how I feel about the work of Kristen Nix. From chinoiserie paneled dining rooms with lacquered, wallpapered ceilings, to priceless antiques harmoniously styled alongside fabulous pieces of contemporary art, Nix’s interiors are rooted in traditional design and possess an unmistakable sense of panache.

Based out of Austin, Texas, Nix created her residential interior design firm, Kristen Nix Interiors, in 2011. I first discovered her work when writing my Artist Spotlight on Erin Donohue Tice and fell in love with the pictures of Erin’s home. I immediately tracked down her interior designer, Kristen Nix and have been so excited to share her work with you! Tailored details, soothing palettes and elegant accents create spaces that are both balanced and chic. Her portfolio is full of gorgeous inspiration and every room leaves you wondering what’s behind the next door and wanting to see more! I also discovered that her website has a page with a playlist with some of her favorited design music. It’s also the perfect Monday morning playlist.

I hope you’ll join me below for a peek into to Kristen’s interiors and you’ll immediately see why I admire her work so much!

**All photography is my Michael Hunter Photography unless otherwise noted

Kristen Nix Interiors
Kristen Nix Interiors
Kristen Nix Interiors
Kristen Nix Interiors
Photographer: Hannah Mayson Photography


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