The Friday Five: 5 Favorite Recent Purchases

Brick Colonial

Moving is never fun. We’ve been in our new house just over two months and although the boxes are (mostly) unpacked, I’ve barely begun decorating. It’s our forever house, so I want to do it right and invest in quality pieces which requires a lot of patience- something that not my forte. However, I’ve bought a few things so far and found a few that make me happy every time walk into the room. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve ordered some duds, but these are the finds I gotten lately that I can’t get enough of. Next up: A new doormat and bigger lanterns on either side of the door!

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I got this rug in this runner size and if I could buy the area rug version as well without look like a crazy person having two of the same rug, I would. It has the most beautiful shades of blue and has worn well in our kitchen, while also being soft underfoot.


The front of our house constant sun and Mr. SS can testify that I am arguably the worst at remembering to water our plants. I had heard amazing recommendations about these topiaries and have been so pleased. They do look slightly artificial up close, but in no way cheesy and when you are walking up the stairs you would never know they aren’t real.

*I have these in my cart for our backdoor*


You’ve heard me rave about these dog beds in stories- I found them browsing Instagram and decided to give them a try. They might seem pricey at first glance, but after over ten year of buying cheap dog beds, I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to invest in a good one. They are durable, the covers are removable for easy washing and you can have them made in any fabric. I would have ultimately saved so much money in the long run and my dogs who refused to sleep in dog beds not refuse to get out of them.


These pots are affordable and chic. Maybe it’s just me, but there is something about having pretty cookware that feels so luxurious and makes the dinner grind much for enjoyable.


Last but not least, you’ve seen these chairs everywhere. I was dying to see if they were worth the hype and I was hesitant they would be too off white against our very white kitchen table. Thankfully, I’m happy to say they are honestly one of the savviest purchases I’ve ever made. If you’ve had your eye on them for a while, trust me and get them.

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