The Shoes I’ve Been Living In

If I’m being honest, I’m usually in workout clothes these days so when I need to know what’s in style I have two local retailers I rely on like clockwork, one of which is Sassanova. Over the years they have become a one stop shop whether I’m looking for “back to school” clothes for myself or picking up new pieces for vacation. When they heard I had been wanting a pair of Golden Goose sneakers but couldn’t pull the trigger because of the price, they recommended P448s. I hadn’t heard of P448 before, but one look and I was instantly in love. You guys- the laces are subtly iridescent and the tan suede has the the most subtle shimmer, they are truly gorgeous! You guys have been asking for almost six months for the shoes I picked out instead of Golden Goose sneakers…and these are the ones!

P448s are made in Italy and are recycled from at least 50% natural leather fiber which is why they are so comfortable. I personally think they are worlds more comfortable then the Golden Goose shoes I tried on. I got this color and they are true to size but do run a tiny bit wide. They go with everything and needless to say, they are going to be a new daily staple to my fall wardrobe. If you’ve been looking for the perfect “cool” sneaker (that also isn’t $500) this is it!

You can get the shoes at any Sassanova. They have three locations: Greenspring, Harbor East and Bethesda or you can also shop online here. They have the BEST customer service so if you don’t see the size you want, don’t hesitate to call in directly to one of the stores.

P.S. This color sells out so fast! When I was first introduced to them last month they were backordered by when they arrived at the shop this week, the Sassanova team literally dropped them off on my doorstep in the cutest pink “Sassanova” car I’ve ever seen. I’ll save it in a “Sassanova” highlight in my stories today if you missed it-talk about personalized shopping!


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