Chinoiserie Prints for the Holidays

Hands down, one of the most popular items from my Blue & White Gift Guide this year have been these watercolor Chinoiserie Prints from Susan Woodard. She just released a new series of chinoiserie prints that launched yesterday and I thought it would make such a fun Friday Favorites post! Susan’s watercolors are so classic and beautifully made. They’re also such sweet gift idea- even though I suspect a lot of you have been buying them for yourselves too!

Chinoiserie (pronounced “shin-wah-zur-ee”) is a 17th Century decorative style that arose out of Europe’s fascination with Asian culture and decorative arts. As a result, Ming-style blue and white patterns became commonly used in ceramics as well as wallpaper and furniture.

Common motifs are nature scenes, birds, pagodas and dragons like those reflected in Susan’s paintings. You can find her new collection HERE . She also tons of framing options and was kind enough to offer my readers 10% off your order with code SOPHIE10.

Thank you as always for stopping by and for more holiday gift ideas, you can find all of my guides (so far) here!



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