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I have a four year old son and six year old daughter, so for this year’s kids guides, I’m featuring the gifts I’ve either already bought for them or have my eyes on. In my case, my daughter says she’s still wants things like LOL!s but once she gets them she doesn’t play with them. The gifts that are the real home runs are the crafts and activities. As for my son, he’s always copying what she does. It melts my heart how patient he is playing dress up with her and watching girls tv shows, but he’s getting old enough to articulate that he wants his own “boy stuff” so that’s the focus this year.


Planitariums are magical for children and adults alike. We have this one for my son and so are getting one for our daughter as well.

A precious pen pal notecard set! Our kids have been writing letters like crazy these days and an unintentional side effect is it helps my daughter with her spelling. When I saw these I was sold and will share in my stories.

Adding to the pen pal theme, how cool is this DIY stationary set?!

They’re not pretty but both kids have been begging for one of these for over two years. I kid you not. We got the unicorn for my daughter and the shark for my son. Thank you infomercials…

The plates have been a fan favorite in our home for years. You have to order by TODAY to get your order in time for Christmas, but I ended up ordering a few with the initials of a few of our closets friends who come over for outdoor playdates and picnics year round.

Is it weird that I kind of want one of these DIY jewelry charm sets too?

I know a YETI water bottle may sound like an indulgence but they have been so worth it. It’s been four months, they haven’t lost theirs yet and they have been begging for another one so we’re getting them as stocking stuffers.

Does anyone else remember stick on earrings as a child? Luckily she’s not asking to get her ears pierced and so these are a hot topic in our household lately.

I just love the idea of this kid friendly bow & arrow set for a girl!

One preview of this coloring book and I was sold. Girls can be so mean and we live in such a forgiving world that any creative positive reinforcement that I can give her I will.

She’s asking for more and more gifts like these cups as she gets older because she “wants her own stuff.” Anything with rainbows and unicorns.



Our daughter is always playing tea party with her friends and our son is always asking for his own tea set because she only has a 2 person set. We found this Construction Coffee Set and he loves it. It’s been such a big hit.

What boy doesn’t want a pair of walkie talkies? He has all sorts of “hideouts” and forts in our backyard, so I thought the Camo theme went well with where he’ll be using them. I’m sure they’ll be used in the house nonstop as well.

Our son has used this basic Magnatab since he was two and has always loved it. He’s working so hard on his handwriting so I’m really excited about this Magnatab. I’m hoping it will make it feel more like a game for him and in turn, cause less frustration.

I also ordered him this interactive construction set. The reviews sold me.

An indoor hockey set. Need I say more?

My in-laws got him a Jeep two years ago and the battery stopped working as soon as we moved and he finally had somewhere to ride around, so we ended up getting this one for both kids to share. I love that this has a remote control so that we can control it too.

Anyone who has two children knows that what the oldest gets the youngest wants too. Again I was hesitant at first to spend so much on a kid’s water bottle, these YETI water bottles are well worth the investment. He has been begging for a second one and since he hasn’t lost his first one, so I was convinced.

My husband is an avid golfer, so this golf set was a no brainer.

COVID also calls for an indoor dart set. If your son is like ours, he’s always throwing balls in the house so this soft dart set seemed like a good solution.




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