The Gift of Art

Few gifts are more memorable than original art and taking the time to choose artwork for that special someone on your list is a truly heartfelt gift that won’t readily be forgotten. Another one of the most special things about original artwork is that it’s one of those rare items that often gets passed down for generations. If this year has taught us anything, it’s to never take things for granted. So, this holiday season I’ve found myself slowing down and being much more purposeful with both decorating my own home as as with my gifting thoughtfully for loved ones.

There are a handful of questions I frequently get from readers about purchasing original art. So, today I’ve invited our resident Art Expert, Liza Pruitt, to join me on the blog and answer your most frequently asked questions. Buying art can feel intimidating but it doesn’t have to! My sincere hope is today’s post in tandem with having Liza a resource, will take some of the fear factor out of buying original pieces and allow you to enjoy the process of finding the perfect piece of artwork for yourself or someone you love.

P.S. I’ve also included a few of my favorite pieces from Liza’s Collective to help take out the guesswork of hunting down beautiful pieces.

Q: How much would I need to spend when purchasing an original piece of art?

A: You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy art for yourself or someone else. Art comes in all forms and in every price range. For example, a hand-made ornament from your favorite artist may be as little as $20 dollars, the cost of a small poinsettia. And unlike a houseplant, you don’t need to remember to water it! Art is a gift that endures.

Q: What if I can’t afford an original piece? Do I have other options to still give art to someone special on my list?

A: Yes! We sell a lot of prints at price points under $100. You can give a print unframed or find your own frame. And I am amazed at the quality of frames and framing options you can find at your local craft store or on Amazon. Regardless, it’s a gift that has staying power — far more than the bathrobe or sweater that costs equally as much. 

Q: Do I need to know how their home is decorated before selecting the right piece?

A: Art is so subjective. I think to know someone’s style and taste is important when gifting art. If you would like to give art without trying to interpret what someone would like best, then a gift card is the perfect route! People are always surprised by the gift of art — and I think they love the freedom to choose something on their own that a gift card brings.

Q: Can a small piece of art still have a big impact?

A: Yes! Some of my favorite places to see a small piece of art are on an entry table by the front door, in a powder bath, on a bedroom dresser, or on a vanity table. Whether it’s a piece you picked up on your travels or in this case a holiday gift, there is meaning. Your art tells the story of who you are better than just about anything else. Some people collect artworks of all the same animal — I know someone with a series of giraffe paintings, and another with a collection of turtle paintings. My friend’s grandmother has small, inexpensive paintings she picks up from street artists on every vacation she takes.

Q: Would I need to provide framing?

A: Frames finish an artwork, and a really wonderful custom frame job can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. But like I said, there are also creative and inexpensive ways to find frames online or at your local art supply store. The thing to remember is that a framed piece of art will give the owner pleasure and decor for years to come — far outlasting the sofa, the expensive dinner out, or the kitchen appliance that can cost far more than that frame!

Q: My friend/family member loves art but I just don’t know what to give him/her?

A: Art is very personal, so it’s not always easy to choose artwork for someone, even someone you know well. My best advice is if you’re not sure, give a gift card. We sell lots of gift cards to people during the holidays, but they are also hugely popular as wedding gifts! Long after the china and the silverware has been put away, every bride and groom enjoys selecting artwork for their new home.

Amelia Island IV by Beth Robinson / Blue Bliss by Lauren Bruce Wodicka / 5 Stripe Peach by Valerie Leuches

If you have any questions, Liza is always available to assist and ask any questions that might arise during your searches. Please feel free to contact her directly here. If you are having trouble finding someone the perfect piece, you can always give them a gift card and Liza can help them track down what they’re looking for!


*This is a sponsored blog post in partnership with Liza Pruitt Collective


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