Spring is around the corner and it’s safe to stay that all of our minds are on refreshing our homes. We’re ready to shake off the winter doldrums, throw open the windows and begin preparing our homes for warmer weather. Wondering where to start can feel overwhelming, so we’re giving you a cheat sheet of how to get started and are also sharing 50 of our favorite home decor we’ve been loving lately for Spring.

Come Up With A Game Plan

First, decide the specific projects you want to tackle. Which ones need immediate attention? Which projects will bring you the most joy when they are completed and will make life easier? Create your list of projects, itemize them by priority and then tackle one project at a time. Yes, we know this requires a supreme amount of will power, but nothing good will come from half completing multiple projects simultaneously. Another thing to keep in mid is that having a budget is imperative at this stage because it keeps things realistic and will hold you accountable throughout the design process.

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Create an Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards aren’t only for interior designers and they use them for good reason! As you being brainstorming for your project, take actual pictures of the spaces you want to refresh. Print them out and pin them on a bulletin board. Next, add inspiration images of interiors, textiles, paint swatches and anything else that’s inspiring you! This is where your creative direction will start so be sure to only pick inspiration you truly love.

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Take Note

Bunny Mellon (Image via Pinterest)

Now that you’ve compiled inspiration images, it’s time to study them closely. You picked them because you think they’re pretty but why do you think they’re pretty? What is it exactly that you love about the spaces? Is it the colors? The arms on the chairs and sofa? The style of the furniture? Are the patterns large scale or small scale? Learning to deconstruct a room will become one of the best tools in your design arsenal. This will ultimately help you discern your own individual style and which elements of design make your heart skip a beat.

Time to Shop

It’s time to start shopping. As you find items you love, add them to your inspiration board as well. This helps you visualize what everything will look like together. Now that you’ve also discerned what specific elements you like, you can use these as descriptors when searching for products, whether it’s sorting wallpaper and fabric by scale or furniture by color. Keep in mind that if you’re on the fence about something, it probably isn’t the right solution. Keep moving!

Whether you’re dreaming of a patio makeover or sprucing up your home with new planters and accent pillows, we’ve scouted out 50 of our favorite finds that will make a huge impact on any project- big or small.

Written by Sophie Phelps, Editor-in-Chief

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